Matt Follett

15 Minutes of Fame

Holy cow!  I decided to check my Google Analytics account to see what the impact of my If You Like X You Might Like Perl.  I thought it might, maybe, double the visitors to this page.  I was quite wrong, here is how wrong:

[[posterous-content:yhofHwAcfwbthvkqAcAn]]So I started looking around at what drove this traffic.  It turns out that perlgeek posted my article to reddit.  When I followed the referring links I found a few interesting things.  Apparently the article is the 16th most controversial at the moment.  It is below whether ads are like reality, but above some insult against redit users, some act that played out in the war in Afghanistan, and the POTUS’s policy on cannabis:

[[posterous-content:uEljCjbzqDglzvjGlHms]]It is also 24th on top scoring links in the programming category, but there aren’t any interesting juxtapositions so I’m not providing a screenshot.  Honestly, I find the whole thing so amusing that I don’t mind that the link has received more negative votes than positive ones or that 4 of the 5 comments are either negative, useless, or both.  The fifth is asking if one of the other commenters actually read the article, which is really neither positive nor negative.